Basic Advice for real estate photo editing


Some rules apply across all photography; some ideas are relevant for some situations and not others. Lighting a face for a portrait is different to getting a naturally lit image of a room. But as long as the image capture what you set out to capture, or accidentally captures something interesting, there is no set way to do anything.


For Photographing a Room

–          Use natural light if possible. Our eyes like natural light.

–          Use a reflector if you wish to highlight something that looks a little dim. This can be a shiny surface, or even a large white panel.

–          If you must use a flash, then bounce it off a reflector for a less harsh look.

–          If there are lighting problems use some natural light bulbs. You can buy two or three bulbs and move them as you photograph each room.

–          Unlike most other types of photography you are unlikely to capture a spontaneous moment. Take your time.

–          Try straight shooting. Align yourself with a wall and photography the room from one end, keeping the opposite wall square in the middle. Else, use architecture as a guide. If you have a spiral staircase, photograph it looking down the middle.

–          Keep it clean and open. Our brains like to put the details aside and get the overall shape and impression. Remove all the little details and let the room be windows, walls, a central table, and some sparse décor.

–          Get rid of anything not a permanent part of the room- vacuums, cords, toys, cutlery…etc. Sometimes a large item, like the family pet, might be beneficial.

–          Be careful of reflective surfaces- you might see yourself in the photo!

–          A tripod can make all the difference. If you don’t own one you can find them cheap at many second-hand and disposal stores. This


Real Estate Photo Editing Services

It Helps for Real Estate photo editing if you shoot raw. This mean using an uncompressed data file. Memory is cheap, so compression is not really essential. It’s better to have the higher image quality and buy an extra memory card or two. This uncompressed photo file holds more information than other options.


Real Estate Photo Editing Services can tidy up an average looking photo; we aim to make the image the best representation of a house on an ideal day. But it helps if the photo is a good image to start with. Real estate phot editing is less about correcting artistic mistakes and more about optimizing the look to appeal to the housing market.

Design Trends in 2016

User interface patterns in Website design Sydney

The user interfaces for many sites look similar. This is partly because responsive design has become so popular. Yet this is not such a bad thing. After trialling so many different approaches we tend to settle on ideas that work ergonomically. People seem to like these website, and after a while we know how new website will work because they aren’t too different in operation to the present ones. Sites can look different be still have similar underlying structures. If site suits the company and products, what is there to be concerned over?

Three bar menu icon Web design Sydney

Sometime called the ‘hamburger button’, this is the three horizontal bars usually found in the top right corner. It’s very common, but there’s nothing wrong with an icon becoming a standard part of the language. Instantly recognizable and easy to find, it works to our advantage.

Web Scroll Web design North Sydney

We have become use to scrolling on our phones, so long scrolls on the computer screen now seems natural too us. It was once considered good practice to put the best features at the top of the page, but this no longer seems to be necessary; we know they will scroll til they find what they are looking for. Breaking the long scroll into distinct section is a common method of makes the site fell like it has pages.

Hero or inspiring Image Web design Chatswood

When bandwidth and load times were slower the images were considered lower priority. But out visual impression is important; we do tend to think in pictures. A good visual impression, often from a single inspiring image, can make all the difference.

Microinteractions Website design Chatswood

These are all the things you click on, listen for, or interact with on a site. We do these things automatically, like taking footsteps when we walk. All the microinteractions make the user feel like they are progressing though the experience.

Videos Website design North Sydney

Videos tend to be watched in real time. Unlike text we tend not to skim over them, though this is a possibility. When people watch a video they tend to watch it from beginning to end, and are at least exposed to the information even if they do not absorb it all. Maybe we have just grown use to YouTube.

Website design North Shore

Anything bigger than a single page is usually better as a custom designed site. Despite trends coming and going sites are diverse. As long as the sites are as diverse as the products and companies they represent then the situation on the net looks fine. Any company can find what works for them.

GNA Webdesign










随着移动互联网的快速发展,以及适应不断推陈出新的不同规格的终端显示器的需要。企业主们开始茫然,“我是否需要为每一种不同规格的终端显示器制作不同规格的网站呢?” “有没有一种网站可以兼容多个终端呢?” 其实解决方案就是“响应式设计”,也就是说,您可以在建设网站时采用“响应式网页设计”来兼容多个终端。那么,您就不用再为不同终端需要制作不同版本的网站而发愁了。

响应式网页设计,英文 Responsive Web Design, 简称RWD, 是目前被公认的网页设计开发技术趋势之所在。由于网站采用百分比以及弹性画面设计,使浏览者无论是使用桌面电脑还是智能手机或是其它移动设备,都能达到最佳的视觉体验。响应式设计使网站在不同的解析度下可以自动地改变页面的布局和排版来适应各种不同规格的浏览设备,在浏览时可以减少因阅读和导航所需的缩放,使平移和滚动更加自如,大大增强浏览者的用户体验。特别对于那些以移动用户多为主的企业网站来讲采用响应式网页设计更是最完美的解决方案之一。


谈到搜索引擎营销(Search Engine Optimisation),大多数人都会认为是指SEO(搜索引擎优化)和PPC(点击付费广告),而忽视自身的产品和客户的满意。其实,搜索引擎营销(SEM)简单地说就是要善于运用搜索引擎,将自身产品销售出去,以达成客户满意和企业盈利的目的。




Screenshot at Jan 07 15-29-281,为什么网站需要响应式设计?













网站在搜索引擎上的排名决定了网站的被点击率,也直接影响到网站对企业所起的营销作用。互连网上的网站有数以万计,您的网站在哪儿呢?如何才能让您的潜在客户找到您?数据显示大部分的互连网使用者在查找时,最多只看搜索结果的前5页,便可找到所需信息。那么,抢占搜索引擎排位就显得至关重要。 如何才能让您的潜在客户在茫茫互连网的海洋中找到您?答案就在专业的SEO优化服务和线上推广。 第一,关键词优化。众所周知,互联网使用者是通过在搜索引擎输入关键词来查找信息的。那么,找对带有强烈目的性的关键词就可把有类似需求的潜在客户吸引到您的网站。专业的关键词优化SEO,可以使您的网站排名更靠前,甚至占领首页的重要位置。 第二,网站优化。通常高品质的网站建设公司,会在网站的开发制作时对网站进行相应的优化处理,以便于将来营销推广的需要。通过网站优化,可以将您的网站调整成为符合搜索引擎友好的网站,从而使排名更靠前。