Design Trends in 2016

User interface patterns in Website design Sydney

The user interfaces for many sites look similar. This is partly because responsive design has become so popular. Yet this is not such a bad thing. After trialling so many different approaches we tend to settle on ideas that work ergonomically. People seem to like these website, and after a while we know how new website will work because they aren’t too different in operation to the present ones. Sites can look different be still have similar underlying structures. If site suits the company and products, what is there to be concerned over?

Three bar menu icon Web design Sydney

Sometime called the ‘hamburger button’, this is the three horizontal bars usually found in the top right corner. It’s very common, but there’s nothing wrong with an icon becoming a standard part of the language. Instantly recognizable and easy to find, it works to our advantage.

Web Scroll Web design North Sydney

We have become use to scrolling on our phones, so long scrolls on the computer screen now seems natural too us. It was once considered good practice to put the best features at the top of the page, but this no longer seems to be necessary; we know they will scroll til they find what they are looking for. Breaking the long scroll into distinct section is a common method of makes the site fell like it has pages.

Hero or inspiring Image Web design Chatswood

When bandwidth and load times were slower the images were considered lower priority. But out visual impression is important; we do tend to think in pictures. A good visual impression, often from a single inspiring image, can make all the difference.

Microinteractions Website design Chatswood

These are all the things you click on, listen for, or interact with on a site. We do these things automatically, like taking footsteps when we walk. All the microinteractions make the user feel like they are progressing though the experience.

Videos Website design North Sydney

Videos tend to be watched in real time. Unlike text we tend not to skim over them, though this is a possibility. When people watch a video they tend to watch it from beginning to end, and are at least exposed to the information even if they do not absorb it all. Maybe we have just grown use to YouTube.

Website design North Shore

Anything bigger than a single page is usually better as a custom designed site. Despite trends coming and going sites are diverse. As long as the sites are as diverse as the products and companies they represent then the situation on the net looks fine. Any company can find what works for them.